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Suspects attempted to rob 2 Cleveland bars at gunpoint

May 30th, 2018 - Comments Off

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Police said masked gunmen allegedly tried to rob two bars on the city’s West Side in 10 minutes, but only succeeded in stealing cash from one bar.

The first robbery reportedly occurred about 1:45 a.m. Friday at Cocktails on Detroit Avenue and West 93rd Street in Cudell neighborhood.

Police said a man with a scarf around his face reportedly walked into the bar while another man acted as a lookout. The robber then pointed a gun at an employee and demanded cash.

The employee reportedly told the gunman: “No.” The robber replied: “I’m serious.” The employee again said “no,” and the two men then got into a physical fight, according to police reports.

The gunman reportedly tried to shove his way past the employee to the cash register, but the employee shoved the gunman back.

The employee reportedly grabbed a baseball bat and chased the gunman out of the bar. The robber and lookout then ran away along West 93rd Street.

About 10 minutes later, the same suspects reportedly robbed McNamara’s Pub on Lake Avenue near West 87th Street in Edgewater neighborhood, less than a half-mile north of Cocktails.

The man with the bandanna around his face reportedly rushed into the bar and pointed a gun at the 35-year-old bartender.

He reportedly ordered the bartender to open the cash register and shoved her into a corner behind the bar. The woman reportedly opened the register and ran outside.

A 41-year-old customer of the bar tried to run outside during the robbery but a lookout allegedly hit him in the head.

Police said the two men fought and the customer’s shirt was ripped before he got free and ran away.

The armed robber reportedly grabbed an estimated $290 from the register before the duo ran to a getaway car parked on West 85th Street and sped off.

The suspects remain at large.

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