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Gunman fled San Antonio downtown shooting

May 10th, 2017 - Comments Off

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Authorities reportedly arrested an alleged gunman who shot a man inside a pickup Wednesday morning downtown before fleeing.

Police said the suspect was “delirious” and “whacked out of his mind” when officers caught him near the Tobin Center.

Officers initially responded to the shooting around 7:30 a.m. at the Days Inn motel in the 900 block of East Houston Street, where they found the driver suffering from a gunshot wound.

Lt. Karen Falks said the driver told police that he had picked up a passenger, whom he knew, on the South Side and they got into an argument inside the car while traveling on Interstate 37.

“The passenger had a pistol. Picked it up. Fired at his head,” Falks said. “The driver tried to block the shot. The round went through his right hand, grazed his head and went out the driver side door.”

The driver then pulled over at the Days Inn, where the suspect fled on foot, according to police.

About 30 minutes after the incident was reported, the suspect was arrested at the AT&T building in the 100 block of Auditorium Circle across the street from the Tobin Center. He has not yet been identified.

“He just followed someone in and he got in a big ruckus because he was whacked out of his mind,” said Sgt. Ramiro Garcia.

When officers arrived to the scene, the suspect reportedly told police that someone in a pickup truck was trying to kill him.

“EMS came and they doped him up to ease his mind. He was delirious,” Garcia said.

The suspect was taken to University Hospital for treatment and expected to be charged in the shooting.

A San Antonio Park Police officer reportedly found the suspect’s firearm in a nearby trash can.

The shooting victim was transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

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