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3 men allegedly held Akron man against his will

February 6th, 2017 - Comments Off

AKRON, Ohio – Authorities have arrested and charged three homeless men who allegedly held an Akron man against his will inside his house Friday.

The report said Samuel Crespo, 38, is charged with obstructing official business and misrepresenting identity in Akron Municipal Court.

Anton Jeffries, 22, and Tyrone Matthews, 39, are both charged with kidnapping and assault. The three men are being held in Summit County Jail.

The men are charged in connection with an incident late Friday during which a 50-year-old man said the trio held him against his will.

The incident reportedly took place at a house on the 100 block of Jesse Avenue in Akron’s North Hill neighborhood.

The victim’s nephew, who reportedly alerted Akron police about midnight, said that one of the men would have a silver handgun.

Police said officers arrived at the house and an officer reportedly saw a man with the handgun in his waistband as the officer looked through the windows.

Officers reportedly used the loudspeaker on their cruiser to order the trio to come out of the house after they refused to answer knocks at the door.

The suspects refused to comply and the Akron SWAT team was then called.

Police said the SWAT team negotiated with the men and were able to get them to come outside without incident.

Officers reportedly spoke with the victim, who said that the men allegedly punched him in the face several times and would not allow him to answer the door when police arrived.

The victim did not say why the men were at his house, though. He was taken to Summa Akron City Hospital for treatment.

Court records show Crespo, Jeffries and Matthews are scheduled to appear in front of a judge Tuesday morning.

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