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Man shot and killed by police

March 2nd, 2013 - 29 Comments »

AUSTIN,, Texas — Officials said a police officer has shot and killed a 70-year-old U.S. Navy veteran on Friday after he allegedly refused to surrender his gun and then aimed his weapon at the officer.

John Schaefer

Police Chief Art Acevedo said at a news conference that John Schaefer called 911 about 7:20 a.m. to report that he had shot and killed a pit bull that attacked him. Officers reportedly asked dispatchers to call Schaefer back and tell him to put his gun in the house before officers arrived.

Acevedo said Schaefer refused, and he refused again when officer Jonathan Whitted got to the residence and asked Schaefer to hand over the pistol he saw tucked in his waistband.

When Whitted went to take the gun, Schaefer allegedly pulled it out and aimed it at the officer, Acevedo said. Whitted then shot and killed Schaefer. Neighbors, including one man who said he witnessed the incident, said they heard two shots.

It’s not unusual for a police officer to separate an unknown person from a firearm when responding to a situation, even if that person is legally allowed to carry a weapon, according to Lt. Ely Reyes on Friday.

Meanwhile, Schaefer’s family is grappling with the loss of a man they called a rule follower. Victoria Schaefer, his daughter-in-law, said Saturday John Schaefer was a proud longtime Austin resident.

She spoke to the American-Statesman by phone from her father-in-law’s home, where she was collecting belongings that were important to him.

Records show John Schaefer has owned the lot with his mother since 1997, but his daughter-in-law said he lived alone in the duplex on Lanshire Drive after his mother’s death almost two years ago. Her death was hard on him, she said.

He was a gun enthusiast who belonged to area gun clubs, she said, including the Austin Rifle Club, where he was an instructor. He went the shooting range on Tuesdays.

“He was an elderly, nice, peaceful man,” she said.

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29 Responses to “Man shot and killed by police”

  1. Jan Payne says:

    If any of you would have had the pleasure of knowing John, you would agree that he was a nice man, lived by honesty and high principles, never broke the law and would readily and willingly help anyone who needed help. My heart is truly broken and this whole tragedy is still surreal. I’m his sister. He was a good man. This should never have happened.

  2. Crystal says:

    You are so right, that should have never happened and the fact that Mr. Schaefer contacted the police in the very beginning says that he was a law abiding citizen. I’m so sorry for your loss. The sad thing is this behavior is everywhere in every town, city, and state. You might have a handful (if that) of good honest police officers but the rest…. They are in their clicks and they break the law ( not wearing seat belts, speeding when not needed, running red lights when not needed ) and this is just a few of the laws that are broken. I have even heard a police officer say ” read my license plate, I’m exempt. They think they are exempt from the law. Out of the few good police officers, they cover the bad behavior of other officers. I also had a friend that worked for Austin PD but quit and went to another city bc he didn’t want to be apart of bad behavior clicks. He said when an officer would arrest someone they would harass and aggravate them just to get them riled up or get them to fight so they could pin more charges on them.
    They are suppose to protect and serve the community but its sad to say thats far from the truth. I pray the truth comes out and justice will be served. Don’t get discouraged in well doing. Give it to the Lord and trust in Him for He is the Way, Truth And Life and we will pray that the truth will prevail. Please know there are many many others standing in the gap praying for you and you’re family. Again I’m so sorry for you’re loss.

    God Bless

  3. bj scott says:

    It scares me when an American citizen calls for police help and is on their own property with a non-threatening holstered firearm they are licensed to carry and get killed.
    Has America gotten to the point where every police officer is afraid of the people he is supposed to protect?
    Was it necessary for Jonathan Whitted to push Mr. Schaever to the point where he felt the need to protect himself from the policeman on his own front yard?
    From all appearances, it looks like Mr. Schaever had every legal right-Federal and State to keep possession of his licensed firearm.
    God help us all if this is covered up by the Austin Police Department. Maybe there is a culture in Austin that encourages this type of activity?

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  5. Paul Bonelli says:

    Those that knew John are reeling from the shock of this event. he was one of the kindest and most caring gentleman that I had the pleasure of knowing. We took our NRA instructors course together and were fellow members of Austin Rifle Club. My condolences to his family. I hope that there is a thorough investigation of this event as this was not in Johns character to do as the police have reported.

  6. Cos Seven says:

    i can see how this shooting would be justified. A gun was pulled, officer reasonably thought he could be killed. With the way things are today the cop mighta thought the call in was an ambush set-up based on such incidents occurring in the past, much like that thing with the firemen being shot.

    But cops these days are just too damm willing to fire on people. Cops are too arrogant to take a defensive position unless there overwhelmingly forced to. Why couldnt the police officer have taken cover when he saw the gun in the waistband? Hid behind his car door. Waited.

    Cops just kill too easy these days.

  7. Cos Seven says:

    BtW my condolences to the family. I hate to hear of people of high principles being killed like this.

  8. Jeff says:

    I sincerely hope that some of his friends or family get a little payback. We get the government and police that we allow.

  9. Adam Evenson says:

    @Jan Payne. I think this deserves a law suit. I hope you intend to file. I’m sure there must be lawyers close by that would take the case on a contingency basis. I’d sue the city for at least a million dollars.

  10. Rabbitnexus says:

    Unfortunately this is going to happen more and more, since people seem unable to grasp the truth of their situation. The law is only for you, it is made by people who exampt themselves and enforced by people who also consider themselves beyond the same laws they enforce and even invent at will.

    The police in all nations need to be made to fear the public individually and collectively, give them reason to fear and drive them back behind the lines you first asked them to hold. The police nor politicians are your masters, YOU are theirs!

  11. Rabbitnexus says:

    Paul an investigation? You want a placebo? If you are beholden to those silly ideas, then you are just making noise. The time has come for mob justice. The FORCEFUL arm of a feral llegal system will recognise no other authority by their own efforts, than violence.

    I submit that the time for public lynchings of corrupt and treasonous politicians, judges and “law enforcers” is upon you in the USA. Do it there and we may yet be saved from following here, but otherwise the same evil empire comes to us all in the end.

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  14. Keith says:

    Officer Jonathan Whitted may now take his place honor NOT in the Lon Horouchi hall of fame.

  15. Archie1954 says:

    Texas is not known as a hotbed of human rights so unfortunately if you decide to reside there, you take your chances with right wing cops.

  16. Bobby says:

    Many of these cops are turning out to be worthless pieces of cr-p, as far as having anything at all to do with protecting citizens. They are turning into a paramilitary force, for government. My God, I wish Americans would start reading, use their God given brains and wake up to what is happening to the lawless nation. Illegal immigration of foreign nationals from every conceivable place on earth, cops bullying pregnant woman and old people,while gangs with guns don’t seem to bother cops at all. WAKE THE F UP FOLKS!! Is is not obvious to you MORONIC CITIZENS, THAT THE ONLY LAW AND ORDER WASHINGTON IS CONCERNED WITH IS THAT WHICH PUNISHES CITIZENS, BUT NOT THAT WHICH MIGHT PUNISH CORRUPT WALL STREET, CORRUPT POLITICIANS, AND MULTI-NATIONALS. Then they get all worried about what Law and Order might do?

  17. hp says:

    Sure he pointed the gun at that cop. B.S. They lie as a rule.
    He no doubt also resisted arrest, assaulted an imperial officer and threatened to blow up the police station.

    Cops are liars and criminals and real soon people will realize they have much more in common with Chris Dorner than they do with any so-called authorities. Especially cops.

    Far too many people think it’s only a few bad apples. Wrong. It’s the decent cops who are rare.

  18. abinico warez says:

    Murder by cops – again. People need to take back the right to their own security and take all guns away from the police.

  19. This type of action happens every day in this country. I have been repeatedly victimized & traumatized by the officers who are sworn to protect? I will never again call any police department anywhere for assistance because of the heavy-handed tactics that are used indiscriminately against all citizenry of the USA. May God Protect Us!

  20. Mitch says:

    I wonder why people don’t get the idea that the cops are out of control. Don’t call the police!

    We need a solution because so many people who encounter the police end up dead. Shot to death, tasered to death, beaten to death, and even strapped in a restraint chair at the police station and then tortured to death. The police always walk away free, above the law.

    Even with a dozen men in a swat team with heavy weapons and body armor, they only need say they were “in fear for their lives”. That magic phrase is all the judge needs to hear to drop all charges against the police. It’s odd that the same magic phrase doesn’t work for civilians.

    The public has too long tolerated murder merely because of a blue uniform. Instead police should be held to a higher standard. Anyone have a rational solution?

  21. walt says:

    My condolences.
    I do not believe this man pointed a gun at an officer- not one bit!
    Never call the police unless you must! They escalate matters unnecessarily and breach the peace.
    I hope the murderer lives the rest of his life suffering what he has done until he tells the truth.

  22. Hal says:

    Yes folk’s. When it you or your families turn to get drilled by freaked out para-military, will you post :
    Oh what a shame he/she was such a good person.
    Damn , What else will you people put up with ?
    Got a nice female family member I can use and toss back to you with some recommends on how to improve her !?
    I’ll get myself some Government credentials and
    the way most of you rollover now, soon you won’t have a choice.
    No wonder the world now thinks America sucks. there’s no men anymore.

  23. John Doe says:

    There has to be more to this story then what has been reported. It is pretty evident from the man’s sister that he was peaceful and law abiding. So why would he pull his gun on a police officer for no reason? Did the police officer treat this Navy veteran like a slave, ordering him (with his own gun already pointed at John)to remove his firearm and place it on the ground?

    Or did John argue with the police officer, schooling him on his right to be armed on his own property? Either way it shouldn’t have ended the way it did. The officer had to be the one to escalate the situation. And when John didn’t act like the slave he was supposed to be the officer became afraid and shot him dead in cold blood.

    Maybe John never laid a hand on his gun. We’ll never really know, will we. the only witness available said he heard two shots, never seeing what actually transpired. This is becoming all too common in America, police assassinating law abiding citizens for trivial reasons.

  24. Michael says:

    Sue the hell out of that cop. If they are going to act like this then they can expect us to as well. I will not hesitate to shoot a cop breaking the law on me. Period.

  25. James says:

    Very clear. The 2nd Amendment gives him the right to bear his legal firearm. The cop can go pound salt.

    Re: Whitted

    Is that dim-witted?

    What we have is a code 17, routine stop completely botched due to police incompetancy.

    So, what have we learned? In Austin, if a police officer comes and tries to illegally take your firearm, shoot FIRST or risk being DEAD.

  26. Film The Police says:

    Shame, on those who wear the badge and feel they are judge,jury and executioner. This man, if the officers feared, should have been appropriately arrested. Or taken in to custody? To his sister, have them check all officers DAR’s, you have a right to that info, they will tell you -its under investigations, do a PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST, ask for the transcripts for the DAR, Ask for the video off the dash cams, ask every neighbor if they have a video camera.Demand those officers involved be taken off the streets. You are about to learn that most police dept are gangs, sorry you will have to learn about police corruption first hand. Ask for all the reports. Demand answers. Do not stop.Go to your city council, ask the council to fire those involved. I used to sit back and read these stories, and go on with my life, until this happens to you, you have no idea, what you in for. Fight- the good fight.
    I come from a family that has both veterans, and Peace Officers, I am not anti cop, I am anti police brutality & corruption, and corrupt DA offices. They are the ones who ALWAYS justify the homicide. Do not give up. Seek Truth! And make a sign that says” who do you call when cops murder?”..because, that is the question- if we HAVE to have them, how do we as citizens recognize the good ones? And to the Officers who stand side by side these animals, and you do nothing, you are as guilty as they are. Shame on your badge.
    To the family, I am sorry for your loss. He deserved better.

  27. Steve says:

    Tina Turner is a full legal citizen of Switzerland. After she became a Swiss Citizen she revoked her US citizenship.

  28. icetrout says:

    The thin blue line will be the 1st crushed when the sh*t hits the fan… & rightly so !

  29. elcidharth says:

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