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Madeira students in a middle of ‘sexting’ scandal

February 27th, 2013 - Comments Off

MADEIRA, Ohio — There were hundreds of students from the Madeira high school who were involved in a sexting scandal where ten of them are facing discipline.

Reports indicated that one of the girls who will be disciplined is a fourteen-year-old student of the school.

The law enforcement officials in Madeira say that during their investigations, they learned that the students were sharing naked photos of minors or sexually involved minors, according to the reports.

The first incident involved a boy who is believed to be a minor and videotaped himself having sex and distributed the video to the cell phones of his friends. He was arrested and was charged with disseminating sexually explicit material to minors, according to Madeira Police Chief Frank Maupin.

The law enforcement officials emphasized that by distributing naked photos to minors is already a felony. However, this month, a group of girls took their naked picture and distributed to the cell phones of other students from the school. The incident caught the attention of the school officials and asked the help of the Madeira Police Department.

The police chief said that the students did not realize that they were committing a crime by just distributing the nude photos.

The names of the girls who were involved in the sexting scandal were not released as part of the school privacy laws. It is clear that they will be placed on a disciplinary action.

Records show that last 2009, an eighteen-year-old girl committed suicide because of sexting. She is identified as Jessica Logan. She sent her nude video to her boyfriend who distributed the pictures to other friends.

The Jessica Logan Act was signed into effect in Ohio last year after the incident with regards to the Sycamore High student suicide death.

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