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Vice Principal sexually assaults a Springtown HS student

September 24th, 2012 - 14 Comments »

A Springtown High School vice principal is in trouble for sexual assault and battery of a minor child at the school where he works. Vice Principal, Kirt Shaw, was responsible for beating one of his students, Taylor Santos, on her buttocks with a wooden paddle and derived sadistic pleasure after she was accused of academic dishonesty. Mr. Shaw is said to have struck and laughed at Santos as another female student watched.

Utilizing a foreign object such as a paddle to inflict pain on another person’s private parts such as the buttocks constitutes sexual assault and/or battery. Criminal charges may be considered for his role in the incident. To date, Mr. Shaw has not been suspended for his actions at Springtown High School.

SPRINGTOWN, Texas (UPC) — A number of grade schools in Springtown, Texas still allow corporal punishment on students. A requirement, however, is that an administrator of the same sex dole out the punishment.

When the classmate of 95-pound, 15-year-old Taylor Santos allegedly copied her homework, Santos says her punishment went over the line.

[Male] Vice Principal Kirt Zane Shaw, of 2700 Peel Rd in Springtown, disciplined the girl on her buttocks with a large wooden paddle, which he swung with a violent, upward motion, according to the girl’s mom, Anna Jorgensen.

“She was telling me it was numb and that it burned,” Jorgensen said. “And it looked like a burn. She slept on her side that night. She was more humiliated and embarrassed than anything, but the more she and I thought about it, it wasn’t fair and I thought I needed to do something about it.”

Shaw first had the girl call her mother to approve the punishment, which is required. Jorgensen said she agreed, but had no idea the whack would come from a man — or be so severe. Jorgensen said her daughter, a cross-country athlete who weighs just 95 pounds, was left with large, blistered wounds on her buttocks.

“I really don’t think he had to hit her that hard,” she said. “I’m not saying he went in to intentionally hurt my daughter, but intentional or not, it did happen.”

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14 Responses to “Vice Principal sexually assaults a Springtown HS student”

  1. Randy Barnard says:

    This guy is notorious for driving students out of this school because they do not cower down to him he is a tyrant. If this is true he should be fired and brought up on charges

  2. Arturo Sandoval says:

    I agree. Using a paddle to strike a person’s bottom constitutes sexual assault, a first-degree felony.

  3. anne zook says:

    really? because i went to that highschool and he was my principal and he was a really good one so before you start listening to rumors and think you know someone spend 4 years with him and then pass judgement. he never ran kids off he was tough and did his job dam good neither one of you know him so quit ranting on websites about things you dont know. his whole life is being taken away and its just wrong

  4. Mina Lakshmi says:

    So you’re saying that at one point in time, he was principal. And now he is vice principal? What was he demoted for? Perhaps he spanked one too many children in the past, and therefore lost his job as principal.

  5. anne zook says:

    excuse the principal comment i meant vice principal and if any of you were smart you would know the parents have to sign a consent form and they get a phone call before they are given any punishment. so your logic makes no sense. how is he such a bad person for doing what all the parents have requested and had ample time to tell him no. also, he is not the only one who gives pops. So again none of you know who, or what you are talking about…. once again.

  6. Gary White says:

    @anne zook: Kirt Shaw likes to beat little girls. He has sought out a job that allows him access to children, and allows him to take young girls into his office, bend them over and beat them on their behind with as much physical force as he can muster. If you believe that it’s an accident that Kirt Shaw sought out this specific job, then you probably also believe that Jerry Sandusky started his charity only to help vulnerable young boys. Kirt Shaw gets to play daddy with underage girls and fantasize about teaching them a lesson. Sexual fetish clubs provide an outlet for this type of deviancy, but only among consenting adults. If Kirt Shaw’s “whole life is being taken away,” then my response is that he deserves much worse.

  7. Pete Smith says:

    Once a sex offense. Always a sex offense. Kirt shaw will have to live with this for the rest of his life. I don’t think he sorry for striking Taylor Santos’ ass. He is more sorry that this story is now heard around the world.

  8. sara says:

    I do not understand why the focus is on the individuals here and not on the system of having a parent approve a corporal punishment. If I hired someone to commit a different criminal act, I would be guilty. I don’t understand how this system is acceptable. I don’t understand why it would be any better if the person enacting the corporate punishment used less force or was the same sex.

  9. Mr. Ly says:


    Come over here, you pervert, Kirty Shaw. Let’s talk about this. I’ll kick your ass, country boy, and let’s see how YOU feel.

  10. anne zook says:

    I do appreciate your input seeing as everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it. What I am simply trying to say is this
    1)Why is he the bad guy here when there is the whole state of texas and 9 others that have the same punishment?
    2) To the person who posted about “beating his country ass” kinda throwin rocks at a glass house there, you do know thats what all this is about right? I’m no saint but i know i wont be threatening to do something to someone over a website
    3) @Gary white watch what you write, its sick that you would pass that judgement on someone. what you fail to realize is all the support he has even from people who did not go to that school. another thing, you just spent a whole paragraph talking about how he is a pedo and all this, when it kind of concerns me thats your go to explanation. maybe you are the pedo trying to shine light on someone else to take it off you. just a thought.
    Anyways, if any of you spent 20 minutes in that school you would not have a problem beating any of those kids since i know first hand we all acted like assholes and they still act like assholes.
    By the way my parents, my friends parents, my SCHOOL! and everyone else i know spanks their children and gives consent for someone to spank their children and guess what GARY! none of them are on here acting like judgemental, immature, people that feel like taking low blows to someone we dont know. obviously, you needed to have pops and get your ass busted so you act right and can be a contributing member of society instead of a babbling goon.

  11. anne zook says:

    One more thing before i crash, since i have a career and an outstanding work ethic and have to be up in the morning. Why dont you ask some of the girls he has given pops to in the past (which is a lot) and let them tell you he hits like a girl. everyone says it. Just another fun fact for you, this all could have been avoided had the victims mother been smart enough to read the consent paper she signed where it clearly states only a principal can administer the punishment and if the same sex principal is not available the opposite sex will administer the punishment.

  12. Sandi Wagner says:

    Politically, the vice principal will always be perceived to be the bad guy….aka the disciplinarian. The principal will always be the good guy…the guy that all the students love. I am sure that the vice principal is a nice guy but I wouldn’t want his job especially in wake of the good or bad news reports regarding his paddling of Taylor Santos.

    I served as a schoolteacher for 13 years and heard so many stories from my students about how bad my superior, the vice principal, was. He was said to be “that bad” that some students slashed his tires.

  13. Gary White says:

    @anne zook

    You started off with a semi-solid argument, but then degenerated into some sort of low-level mish-mash of weak insults. You said you “went” to Springtown High School. I do hope that you are a drop-out, and not an example of someone awarded a diploma.

    Let me address your points:

    1) Yes, the system needs to be changed. That fact does not excuse Kirt Shaw. He recognized a broken system, and sought a job within that system, so that he would have access to vulnerable young girls and boys. The system needs to be fixed, and so does Kirt Shaw.

    2) I didn’t make the post about “beating his country ass,” so I’ll let that person respond.

    3) When Kirt Shaw used his authority to bring an underage girl into his office, bend her over and beat her on her behind with all his strength, he invited judgement on himself.

    Additionally, I can assure you, I would have a problem with “beating any of those kids.” This part of your argument, however, is very telling. You suggest that it is a good thing that your parents, your friends parents, your school and everyone else you know spank their children and let other people spank their children. You further suggest that I have somehow suffered in life for lack of “pops;” thereby suggesting that receiving “pops” is a necessary part of a proper development. You then suggest that everyone at that school is an “asshole,” and “still act like assholes.” Maybe all those spankings aren’t really working so well, afterall?

    Finally, your argument, that I can summarize as “no he’s not, you are!” is weak. It sounds like a schoolyard retort from a young child. Please try harder next time.

  14. Anna says:

    Funny you all think you know so much. First off no consent form was signed. Uh oh big mistake #1. Next school policy was only same sex swats could be given. Next Taylor HAS NEVER been spanked because she is an EXCELLENT Kid who has NEVER been in trouble, like so many of this siding with asst principal! Most importantly a TEACHER told her to give the article with her answers on it to the other student, and the teacher was in the class when the other student copied the answers. So maybe the teacher should’ve been given the swat instead. But most importantly if you strike a child one time hard enough to leave welts and bruises for over TEN DAYS, it’s abuse, period! Oh and this is the SECOND CPS case filed on this asst principal in less than 2 weeks!