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More Than 5 Dozens Arrested in Ashtabula County Drug Raid

August 29th, 2012 - Comments Off

ASHTABULA COUNTY, Ohio – Different local, state and federal law enforcement agents gathered together to serve an arrest warrants to dozens of individuals in a massive meth lab bust early Wednesday morning in Ashtabula County.

Photos of some of the persons who were taken into custody.

The Madison Township Police Department, Geneva Police Department and the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office were among the law enforcement agencies who were involved in the huge drug bust. They were also the agencies who were involved in the investigation which started last year.

The eight month long investigation by the three agencies led to the issuance of warrants of arrest for sixty five individuals, according to the reports.

Madison Township Police Chief Leonard Del Calzo said that they were able to secure five dozens felony warrants for the raid that took place early Wednesday morning. Some of those persons who were taken into custody were arrested last year for the same crime, according to the reports.

Those who were arrested in the meth lab manufacturing bust were men and women whose age range from twenty’s to forty’s. There were more than one hundred twenty law enforcement officials who assisted in the drug bust.

The individuals who were arrested were arraigned 9:00 and 9:30 Wednesday morning. There were two separate arraignments because of the number of persons who were arrested.

Some of the law enforcement officials are still securing the area where the bust took place. They are still waiting for the team who will do the clean up.

There were several meth labs that were discovered to be active during the massive meth lab bust, according to the reports.

There was no report of any person who was hurt during the raid. There were no reports of individuals who resisted arrest when the warrant was implemented.

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