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4-year-old boy beaten to death, had more than 100 bruises

January 4th, 2012 - Comments Off

Michael Seaton Photo: Houston Police Department/BE

HOUSTON, Texas — Authorities said a boy who was fatally beaten in southwest Houston in December had more than 100 bruises and two black eyes when he died.

On Dec. 15, the 21-year-old Michael Allen Seaton is charged with capital murder in the death of his girlfriend’s 4-year-old son, Dustyn Roff.

A complaint filed by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office states Roff had two black eyes, a cut on his chin and multiple bruises on his face, chest, arms, legs and back. The complaints states he had more than 100 bruises as well as multiple injuries to various internal organs. The cause of his death was multiple blunt-force injuries.

Two reports had been filed with Child Protective Services prior to Dustyn’s death, according to a CPS spokeswoman. One alleged neglect, while the other was filed for possible physical abuse. Police have said the boy had different healing stages of bruises, indicating he had likely been beaten for several weeks.

Britni Glover Photo: Provided/BE

Court documents show the boy’s 23-year-old mother, Britni Glover, told investigators Seaton babysat the boy while she worked. She told investigators she noticed her son had two black eyes a few weeks before his death. When she asked Seaton what happened to the child, he told her the boy had fallen, according to the complaint.

When she came home from work on Dec. 15, Glover said Seaton was mad at her for not returning to the apartment earlier for lunch, the complaint states. She said that while she and Seaton were talking, her son came into the room and Seaton hit the boy in the face.

A few minutes later, Seaton went into the boy’s room, grabbed the child with both hands and started shaking him, Glover told investigators. Then, she said, he tossed the boy onto a mattress that was on the floor and began punching him in the stomach and back.

She added that during the beating, Seaton was yelling, “I told you to … listen to me.” Seaton then left the apartment after the beating, according to the complaint. Glover said she asked her son if he was alright and the boy told her his stomach hurt.

She also told investigators that he fell down in the bathroom later that night and hit his face, causing a bruise. She said she woke about 5 a.m Dec. 16 and found her son not breathing. She called 911.

According to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Glover has been charged with injury to a child, serious bodily injury, for not seeking medical treatment for her son and for not protecting him from Seaton or taking him out of Seaton’s care.

Meanwhile, Dustyn’s father, Charles Blake Roff said last month he had been searching for Glover and his son for the past four months after she left with the boy during a visit. Roff said he was the boy’s sole caretaker until that time and was working on gaining full legal custody. He said the couple is in the middle of a divorce and custody rights had not yet been determined.

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