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Your Personal Safety on a College Campus

May 6th, 2009 - Comments Off

There is no magic bullet for keeping himself/herself safe in a college campus environment. Perhaps the closest thing to a magic bullet is common sense. Does it make sense to be walking by yourself at night time? Is your college campus immune to the crime trends of the surrounding area? Do you think it is safe to leave a backpack unattended on a library table or outside the library? Of course not. The following are some tips designed to reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim of crime.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings
The element of surprise is one of the most effective tools that a perpetrator has. Remove that tool. While you are walking, take frequent glances behind you and to your sides. Be cognizant of who is there. Many times, people are soaked up in thought, books, listening to their Ipods, and any number of distractions that a mugger or attacker can virtually be on top of them before they detect his presence. By that time, it is too late to come up with an effective counterattack.

Walking in obscure areas or areas with heavy foliage can also increase your chances of being surprised by an attacker. Especially while walking alone, give these “hiding places” enough distance for your own safety. Do this even if you have to cross the street or take other slightly inconvenient steps to distance yourself from potential threats. A small piece of inconvenience is a far cry from a lot of hurt. Be cautious of your surroundings, and do not allow these danger areas surprise you.

Think Before You Drink
It is an innate quality of hunters such as lions and wolves to target the very young, the elderly, and the physically weak. Criminals are predators too and have the same mentality. A person who is drunk to the point of physical and mental impairment makes himself and easy prey for an attacker. Alcohol impairs many of our abilities. Drunken individuals are more likely to be risk takers than sober people. If you must drink at a party, always be careful not to drive home. Also never walk home alone. Call a taxicab if you get too drunk. However, walking home drunk can be hazardous to your personal safety as driving. It is a fact that inebriated pedestrians account for a large number of pedestrian-involved traffic accidents. Drunken pedestrians are more likely to become a crime victim.

Heed this advice so that you can minimize crime on your college campus and prevent being a victim of the crime of assault or robbery.

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