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Thirteen Ways Realtors Stay Ahead of the Perpetrators

May 2nd, 2009 - Comments Off

Selling houses can be a fun and rewarding profession, but it can also be extremely dangerous due to the large number of strangers that you may have to encounter alone. Nationwide, more than 220 real estate agents were killed in the line of duty between 1992 and 2001. Numerous others were assaulted or robbed while out in the field.

By paying attention to safety guidelines, you can improve your chances of not becoming a victim and keep your daily job fun, lucrative, and safe. To help you, the Realtor, establish and maintain safety in your everyday routine, the following crime prevention tips were assembled for this article.

Remember that your safety is always going to be the first priority. The other person’s safety will be a distant second. By heeding the following advice, you can remain under the radar of criminals looking to commit a crime against a potential victim.

  1. Carry a cellular telephone and program it so that the police emergency number is on speed dial.
  2. The more exposure you have, the more risky it is for you. Concentrate on your professional proficiency rather than personal information in newspapers and resume.
  3. Do not let your guard down at open houses or listing presentations. Practice a scenario so that you can leave or encourage the person making you uneasy to leave. Some ideas: Your pager went off, and you have to call your office; you left some information in your vehicle and you need to get it; tell your client that you are expecting another sales agent with clients in a few minutes.
  4. If you approached in a parking lot and force to drive, do not leave the area. One suggestion: If you are in an area where there is a lot of people, run your car into another car or into a telephone or tree. You will attract attention, and that is the last thing a culprit wants. If you are approached at your car, throw your keys in one direction and run screaming and yelling in the other direction. This is why you must keep your car key separate from your other keys.
  5. Make a copy of the client’s driver license and jot down his license plate if you can. Also, get an employer’s name and call to confirm his job status.
  6. Check property records at the county courthouse to confirm the ownership of a property before you go to a listing appointment or approach a FSBO. The more information you have, the easier and quicker it is for police to arrest a culprit if you become a victim of a crime.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the sales area. Preview the property. Meet the buyers at your office, where they can be seen by your fellow employees. Then travel in separate cars to the property. You do NOT need to feel obligated to drive them around.
  8. It is better to walk away from a listing or not show a property if you feel uncomfortable about a client.
  9. Let your office and co-workers know where you are at all times. Arrange to call your office at a designated time and do so. Make no excuses.
  10. Bring somebody with you to open houses, showings, and listing appointments.
  11. If a buyer asks to see houses in a high crime area, do not go.
  12. Carry pepper spray, stun gun, or kubaton keychain in your car and know how to use it. Take a self defense course.
  13. Use caution when being approached by a vehicle with blue lights at night. Call 911 to identify the vehicle, turn on your hazard lights to notify that you see the police car, and keep moving until you are in a well lit area. A real law enforcement officer will understand your caution.

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